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A picture of Pere Marquette #1225 (The engine that was used for the recordings.), passing through the town of Rosebush, Michigan in 2007.

This is a Skywalker Sound effect that was created by Tim Nielsen, and it is not available on the Lucasfilm Sound Effects Library. It's most notable usage was being used as the chugging sound of the locomotive in the 2004 motion-capture animated Christmas film, The Polar Express. Before it's usage in The Polar Express, it was first used in the Dolby Digital Train Policy trailer from 1992, as well as being the footstep sound for the Iron Giant in both The Iron Giant, and Ready Player One.

Basic Info

A picture of Pere Marquette #1225 passing by, while being recorded by Tim Nielsen on the right. (Circa 2004)

Another picture during the recording of the sounds. This time showing a majority of the 12 sand hoppers that 1225 pulled to make it's heavy chugging noises. (Circa 2004)

The locomotive that was used make this sound was Pere Marquette "N-1" class Berkshire type steam locomotive #1225, who runs at the Steam Railroading Institute in Owosso, Michigan. In order for the locomotive to make this kind of chugging sound, it hauled 12 hopper cars that were fully loaded with sand, to ensure that it would make some heavy chugging noises that the sound crews could use during post-production.

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  • Poppy Playtime (Slowly increasing in tempo, looped; used as the chugging sound that emits from the train's locomotive in Chapter 2.)

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