These are Skywalker Sound sound effects that may be an imitation of the STUKA SIREN, and probably very high-pitched and highly processed versions of CARTOON, AIRPLANE - PROP PLANE POWER DIVE SCREAM, processed into a vocal quailty, almost like a male human scream. They debuted in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989).

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The audio samples were incorrect. The first sample was a different "Jericho Trumpet"-like sound, whereas the SECOND sample was the rising part of CARTOON, AIRPLANE - PROP PLANE POWER DIVE SCREAM, but pitched up higher and in low quality. I uploaded the correct images so you can reference the more correct sample, which is a short, scream like zoom-by sound. The 3rd picture is the longest sample; the 1st is a short sample (as heard in the beginning after "Italy 1944" proceeding credits), and the 2nd is a short, very high-pitched version of the "scream". The others you uploaded are just wailing-type sirens, the second of which is long and only half of the siren.

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