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November 17, 2000

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie is a 2000 animated comedy film based on the Nickelodeon animated television series Rugrats and the second film in the series. This film marks the first appearance of Kimi Watanabe and her mother, Kira. The film also marks the appearance of the first significant villains in the Rugrats franchise, the child-hating Coco LaBouche and her accomplice, Jean-Claude. The events of the film take place before the series' seventh season.

The film was released in the United States on November 17, 2000, almost two years after the release of The Rugrats Movie in 1998. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie was the best-reviewed film in the series from critics and fans alike and grossed over $103 million worldwide against a production budget of $30 million.


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