Rosie & Jim (TV Series)

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3 September 1990 - 31 March 2000 (UK)  5 September 1992 to 31 March 2001 (USA)

Rosie and Jim is a Children’s TV show produced by Ragdoll Productions.


Rosie and Jim are two rag dolls that live on a narrow boat which is from Birmingham, England, which is called the Ragdoll. There they sit with an accordion on their lap and only come alive when no one is looking, such as Neil, who steers the boat, sings songs and relaxes as the world passes by slowly. Jim also tries to sing the songs that Neil makes up, but he isn't very good at it. Neil loves to play the harmonica while floating along the canals and on occasion plays the accordion. He has a knack of making up songs based on his experiences. And an ornament duck that sits on top of the boat, in the shape of a duck.

He likes to flap his wings and lets Rosie and Jim know when the coast is  clear. Duck also lets them know when there is something for them to see, who then pops up through the hatch to see what he’s found.

Rosie is the most mischievous out of the two rag dolls, She likes danger, and is always causing trouble for Neil on his adventures.

Jim is more level headed than Rosie and tries to tell her when things aren't a good idea (which she seems to ignore).

They learn to experience things by following Neil (Tootle) on his adventures and secretly joining in the same thing he does, but end up causing trouble. Still, they never seem to get in trouble, as no one ever seems to see them!

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