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Rockin' with Judy Jetson (also known as Judy Jetson and the Rockers) is a 1988 animated made-for-television film produced by Hanna-Barbera for syndication as part of the Hanna-Barbera Superstars 10 series.


When intergalactic rock star Sky Rocker plays a concert at the Cosmic Coliseum, Judy Jetson and her friends go into orbit. What's more, starry-eyed Judy gets to meet her idol and gives him a song she's written just for him, "Rockin' Round the Galaxy". But also at the concert are henchmen of the evil, music-hating Felonia. They are carrying a secret code that will unlock the powers of the Mental Flosser and enable Felonia to control the universe and banish music forever!

The secret code accidentally gets switched with Judy's song, and Sky unwittingly turns it into a new rock hit. A depressed Judy takes refuge at the Crater Club, where her dad George Jetson, disguised as a punk-rocker, tries to save her from Sky. But Sky has already been kidnapped by Felonia, and then Judy disappears. Her captors, however, are the Zoomies, an outer-space race of party animals who love music.

Felonia finds Judy and prepares to do away with her and Sky. They escape, but it may be too late. Felonia has already activated the Mental Flosser. Then Judy and Sky hit on the solution that will stop Felonia – music! They jam on Judy's song and send the beat vibrating around the galaxy. The sound overpowers the Mental Flosser and vanquishes Felonia. With the galaxy now safe, Sky resumes his tour, with Judy as his new opening act.

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