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Season 1

Ep. 1: "Mystic Mayhem"

Ep. 2

"Origami Tsunami"

"Donnie's Gifts"

Ep. 3

"War and Pizza"


Ep. 4

"Repo Mantis"

"Down With the Sickness"

Ep. 5

"The Fast and the Furriest"

"Mascot Melee"

Ep. 6

"Shell in a Cell"

"Minotaur Maze"

Ep. 7: "Bug Busters"

Ep. 8

"The Longest Fight"

"Hypno! Part Deux"

Ep. 9

"The Gumbus"

"Mrs. Cuddles"

Ep. 10

"Stuck on You"

"Al Be Back"

Ep. 11

"The Purple Jacket"

"Pizza Pit"

Ep. 12

"Smart Lair"

"Hot Soup: The Game"

Ep. 13: "The Evil League of Mutants"

Ep. 14

"Late Fee"


Ep. 15

"Mind Meld"

"Nothing But Truffle"

Ep. 16: "Shadow of Evil"

Ep. 17

"Portal Jacked!"

"Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree"

Ep. 18

"Operation: Normal"

"Sparring Partner"

Ep. 19

"You Got Served"

"How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will"

Ep. 20

"Mystic Library"

"The Purple Game"

Ep. 21

"Man vs. Sewer"

"The Mutant Menace"

Ep. 22

"Turtle-dega Nights: The Ballad of Rat Man"

"The Ancient Art of Ninja Hide and Seek"

Ep. 23

"One Man's Junk"

"Snow Day"

Ep. 24

"Cloak and Swaggart"

"Jupiter Jim Ahoy!"

Ep. 25: "Insane in the Mama Train"

Ep. 26: "End Game"

Season 2

Ep. 1: "Many Unhappy Returns"

Ep. 2

"Todd Scouts"

"Goyles, Goyles, Goyles"

Ep. 3

"Flushed, But Never Forgotten"

"Lair Games"

Ep. 4

"Breaking Purple"

"Repairin' the Baron"

Ep. 5

"Air Turtle"

"Pizza Puffs"