Season 1



"Execution Tickets"

"Clementine's Pregnant"

"Jones Gets Suspended"

"Help From the FBI"

"Wiegel Suicide Watch"

"Clementine Gets Married"

"Garcia's Anniversary"

"Burning Man Festival"

"Dangle's Moving Day"

"Terrorist Training" (Part 1)

"Terrorist Training" (Part 2)

"Halloween" (Part 1)

Season 2

"Dangle's Promotion" (Part 2)

"Wiegel's New Boyfriend"

"British Law"

"Dangle's Wife Visits"

"Religion in Reno"

"Fire Fighters Are Jerks"

"Not Without My Mustache"

"Security for Kenny Rogers"

"More FBI Help"

"Raineesha X"

"Clementine and Garcia Are Dating"

"Undercover Drug Bust"

"President Bush in Reno"

"Accidental Marriage" (Part 1)

"Milkshake Man's Death" (Part 2)

"Investigation Concluded" (Part 3)

Season 3

"Released From Prison"

"Revenge of Mike Powers"

"Cop School"

"SARS Outbreak"

"Fastest Criminal in Reno"

"The Prefect of Wanganui"

"...And the Installation Is Free"

"Clemmy Marries A Dead Guy"

"Garcia's Secret Girlfriend"

"Dangle's Son"

"CSI: Reno"

"Naked Stake-Out"

"Wiegel and Craig Get Married" (Part 1)

Season 4

"Wiegel's Pregnant (Part 2)"

"The Junior Bros."

"Jet Ski Blues"

"Rick's On It"

"Spanish Mike Comes Back"

"Son of a Chechekevitch (Part 1)"

"The Investigation Continues (Part 2)"

"Corporate Sponsor"

"Christian Karaoke Singles' Mixer"

"Proposition C"

"Reno Mounties"


"Happy Anniversary"

"Dangle's Wedding (Part 1)"

Season 5

"Jumping the Shark (Part 2)"

"Tommy Hawk"

"Kevlar for Her"

"Mayor Hernandez"

"Coconut Nut Clusters"

"Back in Black"

"Undercover at Burger Cousin"

"The Wall"

"Death of a Pickle-Thrower"

"Baghdad 911"

"The Tanning Booth Incident"

"Strong Sister"

"Wiegel's Dad Returns"

"Junior Runs for Office"

"Undercover Acting Coach"

"The Parade" (Part 1)

Season 6

"Training Day" (Part 2)

"Extradition to Thailand!"

"Digging with the Murderer"

"Dangle's Murder Mystery (Part 1)"

"Dangle's Murder Mystery (Part 2)"

"We Don't Want the Pope"

"VHS Transfer Memory Lane"

"Helping Mayor Hernandez"

"Getaway Trailer"

"Stoner Jesus"

"Deputy Dance"

"Viacom Grinch"

"The Midnight Swingers"

"Secret Santa"

"Wiegel's Couple's Therapy"

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