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Have Yourself a Stinky Little Christmas is a VHS of The Ren and Stimpy Show that features one episode from the second season. Other content on the tape includes new wraparound segments, named "Waiting for Santa", plus two music videos. The VHS was originally released by Sony Wonder in 1993, then eventually got reprinted by Paramount in 1997 with the addition of an episode from the fifth season, Big Flakes.


The wraparounds involve Ren and Stimpy on Christmas Eve; Stimpy wants to stay up until Santa arrives, but Ren insists that Santa is fake. Stimpy tries to get Ren into the Christmas spirit with music and a pair of "Santa-Scoptic Goggles", though these do not convince Ren. Just as Ren goes to bed, Stimpy hears the sound of Santa flying his sleigh and delightfully screams.

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