Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1 (Do♪)

"Atsushi and Atsumi"

"Atsumi and Everyday Life"

"Sayo and Atsumi"

"Atsushi and Elementary School"

"Atsushi and Setsubun"

"Atsushi and Chocolate"

"Movies and Misunderstandings"

"Atsushi and the Doll Festival"

"Big Bro Take and Employment"

"Atsushi and White Day"

"Atsushi and the Library"

"Atsushi and Misunderstandings"

"Flower Blossoms and Siblings"

"Summer and Pool"

Season 2 (Re♪)

"New Students and Misunderstandings"

"Atsushi and Bicycles"

"Atsushi and Dreams"

"Snacks and Cheering"

"Family and Hot Springs"

"Atsushi and Sports Festivals Part 1"

"Atsushi and Sports Festivals Part 2"

"Misunderstanding and Truth"

"Atsushi and Hand-me-downs"

"Atsushi and School Festivals"

"Big Sister and Little Sister"

"Atsushi and Chases"

"Atsushi and See You Soon"

"Atsushi and Bartenders"

Season 3 (Mi☆)

"Recorder and Randsell Mi★"

"Sayo and Shelter from the Rain"

"Inborn Nature and Illegality"

"Atsushi and Trainee Kawauchi-san"

"Atsushi and the White-spotted Longhorned Beetle"

"Big Bro Take and Job Hunting!"

"Shorty and the Days of Anguish"

"Soul Brothers and Real Brothers"

"Shaky Loves and Horror! A Midsummer's Nightmare!!"

"Everyone and Summer Vacation -AM-"

"Everyone and Summer Vacation -PM-"

"MI is for Me and You and Everyone"

"Recorder and Red Randsell"