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October 24, 1993 – March 2, 1998


Really Wild Animals is a children's nature television series, hosted by Dudley Moore as Spin, an anthropomorphic globe. Comprising 26 episodes, the series aired between October 24, 1993 and March 2, 1998. The series was released on 13 VHS tapes, and later 13 DVDs. The creator and executive producer of Really Wild Animals was Andrew Carl Wilk. The series was nominated for five national Daytime Emmy Awards and won one.

Released by the National Geographic Society, the series educated children about many different species of animals. Initially, the series went to every continent describing the wildlife on each one. When that was done, the series began having episodes that focused on one specific group of animals, such as dogs, cats, endangered animals, animals of the Galápagos Islands, etc.

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