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Ravana The Great Warrior is a 2009 Indian animated action and adventure film directed by Ashtam and produced by Shemaroo Entertainment.


Dasahanan wants to be a king in Swarg, Dharti and Patal & he also want to everybody come worships him as a God, Man & Danav. Dashanan very intelligent, brave and also Devotee of Lord Shiva. After returning to Ayodhya from Mithila with his new bride Sita, Ram is banished to the forest for fourteen years by his stepmother so his half-brother can rule the kingdom. During their forest exile, Ram's wife is abducted by demon King of Lanka Ravan. The search then commences for Sitaji with Hanumanji leaping across the seas to Lanka, killing Ravan's son, Akshaye, and passing on Ramji's message to Sitaji, who is being held in the Ashok Vatica and refuses to give in to Ravan's demands as she is fully aware that he is cursed and will be torn in seven pieces if he dares to molest any woman against her wish. After being captured by Ravan's son, Meghnath, Hanuman does escape, but not before setting Lanka afire with his tail. Ramji, along with an army of apes and bears, descends upon Lanka, kills Ravan's brother, Khumbakaran; while Hanumanji resurrects Lakshman, who was fatally wounded by Meghnath. With the help of his brother Lakshman and an army of monkeys, Ram declares war on Lanka to win back his bride.

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