Season 1



"Cell Test"

"Cute Poison"

"English, Fitz or Percy"

"Riots, Drills and the Devil (Part 1)"

"Riots, Drills and the Devil (Part 2)"

"The Old Head"


"Sleight of Hand"

"And Then There Were 7"

"Odd Man Out"

"End of the Tunnel"

"The Rat"

"By the Skin and the Teeth"

"Brother's Keeper"



"The Key"




Season 2




"First Down"

"Map 1213"



"Dead Fall"



"Bolshoi Booze"


"The Killing Box"

"John Doe"

"The Message"


"Bad Blood"


"Sweet Caroline"


"Fin Del Camino"


Season 3



"Call Waiting"

"Good Fences"


"Photo Finish"


"Bang & Burn"

"Boxed In"

"Dirt Nap"

"Under and Out"

"Hell or High Water"

"The Art of the Deal"

Season 4


"Breaking & Entering"

"Shut Down"

"Eagles & Angels"

"Safe & Sound"

"Blow Out"

"Five the Hard Way"

"The Price"

"Greatness Achieved"

"The Legend"

"Quiet Riot"


"Deal or No Deal"

"Just Business"

"Going Under"

"The Sunshine State"

"The Mother Lode"



"Cowboys & Indians"

"Rate of Exchange"

"Killing Your Number"

"The Old Ball and Chain"


Season 5


"Kaniel Outis"

"The Liar"

"The Prisoner's Dilemma"



"Wine Dark Sea"


"Behind the Eyes"

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