Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

"The Adventure Begins ~Sautéed Mushrooms at Sunset~"

"A Moody Cat's Mischief ~Warm, Golden Rice Balls~"

"The Epicurean Frontier ~Heavenly Fruit Is the Secret Ingredient~"

"Welcome to the Gourmet Guild ~Beef Stew at Nightfall~"

"Porridge Made With Love ~Topped with a Twilight Fate~"

"Melody of Departure ~Aromatic Spices under the Starry Sky~"

"A Light to Pierce the Darkness ~Like Two Sisters in a Pod~"

"A Little, Lyrical Kids' Meal ~Country-Style Fried Eggs~"

"A Gourmet Getaway ~Fragrant Tentacles on the Beach~"

"Flowers in Eternal Darkness ~Cursed Pudding~"

"Evening Home ~A Crispy Quest Hot Dog~"

"The Whimsical Patissier's Speciality ~A Memory of Labyrinths and Crépes~"

"Lost Princess ~Garnished With Smiles~"

Season 2