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Pop'n Tunes is a fanmade Japanese series of anime-based cartoon shorts/segments and music videos based on Konami's Bemani arcade game Pop'n Music. Click for more info Much of the sound effects are inspired and almost similar to the PaRappa the Rapper television show / Daa Daa Daa (UFO Baby) (Mainly), Kirby Right Back at Ya, Powerpuff Girls Z (Both English and Japanese Dubs). In Later Season 1, It may uses the same sounds from Fushigiboshi no Futagohime and Sailor Moon over 50% Early Season 1 SFX style and uses easter eggs from Joel Valentine's projects like The Powerpuff Girls, Including Joel's PSEL. In Season 4, It uses handful from co-inspiring Super Bomberman R.

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The intros are songs from the Pop'n Music games.

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