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Pokédex 3D (Japanese: ポケモン立体図鑑BW Pokémon 3D Picture Book BW) is a free Nintendo 3DS app that was available on the eShop. The app is a Unova Pokédex, featuring 153 Pokémon from Pokémon Black and White.

On July 14, 2012, an upgraded version of Pokédex 3D was released in Japan known as Pokédex 3D Pro. This app features all of the Pokémon in the National Pokédex as well as the new Kyurem and Keldeo forms. The original Pokédex 3D app was removed from the eShop in Japan on June 17, 2012, but players who had previously downloaded the game retained it. Pokédex 3D Pro was released in European languages on November 8, 2012, with the original Pokédex 3D going offline on October 1, 2012.

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