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Pinnacle Studio is a video editing software application developed by Pinnacle Systems for Windows computers. An iOS version came out in 2012. It was originally released in 1999, and in 2004 a more upscale version was introduced, Pinnacle Studio Plus, with a second video track (for picture-in-picture and chromakey video effects) and pan-and-zoom effects (for still images) and keyframeable video and audio effects. In 2005, Avid purchased Pinnacle Systems, and in 2007 came out with an even more upscale variation, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate, which came packaged with some advanced third-party plugins. In 2011, Avid spun off Pinnacle Studio into a prosumer-aimed video editing application, Avid Studio, featuring far more advanced features than the regular Pinnacle Studio line (such as unlimited video and audio tracks). In 2012, Avid sold Pinnacle Systems to Corel, along with the Avid Studio product, and Corel continues to make the Pinnacle Studio line of products to this day, based on the Avid Studio tooling (the current versions of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate since the Corel buyout are completely identical to the initial Avid Studio in terms of features).

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