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This is a ricochet sound used by sound designer and editor Phil Kaye. Although Kaye used it as his trademark ricochet sound, it's originally a Capitol Records effect designed for the 1949 children's record "Bugs Bunny in Storyland". There are two versions: the original version with a cork pop preceding the ricochet, and an alternate version with another sound preceding it. An edited version of this shouldn't be confused for the 2nd part of CARTOON, ZIP - WIND UP AND ZIP OUT. A slowed-down edit of this sound was released on the Valentino library, known as Valentino, Zip 02.

Used In

TV Shows

TV Specials



  • Rabbit Stew (1952) (Low Pitched)
  • Tom & Jerry (Heard once in "The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse")


  • TF! (1997)


Other Media

  • Bugs Bunny in Storyland (1949)

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