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14 September 1989 – 1 October 1990

Penny Crayon is an animated children's television series that tells the adventures of a very intellectual and well-meaning (but occasionally mischievous) schoolgirl who loves to draw, and her escapades accompanied by her best friend Dennis. Using the magic crayons she always carries with her she brings everything she draws to life, to aid them on their adventures or to get them out of tricky situations, and usually creating a world of chaos until it's either rubbed out or washed away.

The origins of Penny's crayons was never explained or hinted at in the series; however series creator Peter Maddocks released a prequel story, along with an adaptation of the episode 'Dickens of a Mess', in digital format in 2012, which told the story of how Penny came to have her magic crayons.


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