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Season 1

The First Pencilmation

The Pen Is Mightier

MC Hammered

Amour Than Enough

To Beard or Not to Beard

Turtles in Time

Malice in Wonderland


Love at First Write

Hook, Line, and Stinker

Home Is Where the Hurt Is

Bounce for Bounce


Cone Head

A Sheepcar Named de' Fire

Hank Gets Colored In

Hank Speaks

Frank's Masterpiece

Original Pencilmation Returns

Season 2


Rancour's Away

Bee Mine

The Wheel McCoy

Plight of the Living Dude

Taxi and I Know It

Star Wombs

Flower Power

Abracadabraham Lincoln

Tricky Treat

Peril of the Bells

Season 3

Affair Thee Well

Applecalypse Now

Bubblegum Grump

X Marks the Spot

A Hole New World

Catson Pawlick

Rabbittersweet Goodbye

Cop Out

A Christmas Pencilmation

Season 4

Uneasy Rider

Checked Out


The Workout

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Border Disorder

Cat Me If You Can

His and Hercules

Sunday Funday

Melt Down

Soda Machine

Season 5

Puppy Love

The Love Bug



Bicep Blowout


Mini Mischief


Season 6



Grouch Potato

Ballooney Tune

Mario Gets Fat

B-Ball Basket Case

On the Fly

The Dastardly Doodle

Floral Folly

Munch Ado About Nothing

The Hulk Hop

Season 7

The Gap Trap

All's Noel That Ends Well

Ups and Downs

Worm and Fuzzy

Independence Day

Mayday! Mermaiday!

Splitting Hares

Tempo Tantrum

Mood Swings

State of the Heart

Hand Off

Funny Phone

A-Head of the Game

A Fishy Fable

Chest Pains

Postal Disservice

Flame and Glory

Butt of the Joke

Ding, Dong, Dang!


Bugged Out

Stupor Hero

Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Pain

Season 8


Puddle Puzzle

Steak Mistake

Hairdo's and Dont's

TV Trauma

Door to Door

Dumbbell Dummy

Nuts and Bolts

Scratch 22

Cast Awry

Cake It or Break It

Spring It On


None Direction

Plant Rant

Season 9

The Texas Seesaw Massacre

One Boo Over the Cuckcoo's Nest

Line and Dine

A Farewell to Alarms

Unfarted Territory

Special Abouncement

Dawn on the Lead

Putt's Up Doc?

Simply Marbleous

Art Attack

Graphical Error

Eggs Marks the Spot

Bug to the Future

The Lamp Champ

Season 10

A Tall Tale

Gold Fashioned

Fire Straits

Bait and Switch

O Pencil Where Art Thou?

Muscle Madness

Hot or Not

Clown Around

Hat's All Folks

Man of the Flower

Dead Start

Ant Misbehavin


Coffee Craze


Pasta La Vista, Baby

Twin Geeks

Season 11

The Scaredy Song

Random Act of Cuteness

No Fun in the Sun

Bomb's Away

Tall Tails

Remote Controlled

Scrambled Legs

The Sword & the Groan

Having a Blast

Pail Problems

Murder She Note

Spin There, Done That

Forbidden Flute

Crave from the Grave

Love is Blind

Bubble Trouble


Shock and Roll

Teeth for Two


Fan Fiction

Call or Nothing

Femme Fatality

Season 12

Sit My Baby One More Time

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The Hole Story

Gifted and Talented

Dumb & Dumberbell

Not-So-Silent Night

The Grapes of Math

Runner Up

Show and Spell

Bladder Runner

Snow Man's Land

All Ears

Cowboy Meets World

Tack in the Box

Fridge Over Troubled Water


Sick Flick

Never a Doll Moment

Diaper Another Day

Hiccup in Arms

Cock-a-Doodle Dude

Season 13

That Sinking Feeling


Call of the Child

Food Fighters

Ball and Strain

Phoney Baloney

Chopsticky Situation

Out of Sight

No Bus No Fuss

No Pain, No Game

Button Rouge

Easter Egg-Scapade

Couch Surfing

Haunted Mouse

Notorious Pig

Caught Off Card

One Man's Trash is Another Man

The Tell Tale Art

Hole in None

Bedtime Blues

Well Off

Nutty by Nature

Season 14

Lord of the Fries

Panic! At the Window

In a Pickle

Love Burps

Breezy Peezy

Rocks, Paper, Scissors, Oh My!

Climb and Punishment

A Knight to Remember

All That Litters is Not Gold

Alarmed and Dangerous

UFO... Uh-Oh!

Mathterpiece Theater

Heap of Trouble

Pancake's Labyrinth

For Crying Out Cloud

Children of the Popcorn

Preggers Can't Be Choosers

Lump in the Night

Keep Clam and Carry On

Pain in the Mutt

Season 15

Pasta Point of No Return

Fall by Myself

All Helium Breaks Loose

Page Fright

Shoe La La

Click Flick

Nib and Tuck

Sir Dance-A-Lot

Icing on the Skate

Dark Side of the Balloon

Rain Woman

What Lurks in the Shadow Puppets

Drip Off the Old Block

A Whole Newton World

Sweep Stakes

Stop the Presses

No Restroom for the Wicked

Pie Hard

A Hard Act to Swallow

Mermaid of Honor

Bride and Gloom

Season 16

Fight Flub

Lawn and Order

A Midsummer Nightmare

In Plane Sight

Setting the Bar Low

My Little Phony

The Head Bang Theory

A Date Worse Than Death

Doggie Baggage


Don't Shoot the Massager

A Good Tan is Hard to Find

Mate in the Moon

Tragic Wand

You Had Me at Halloween

Seize the Doomsday

Stark, Raving Dad

Things That Go Bump in the Light

Oh My Godzilla

Should I Play or Should I Go

Man's Best Fiend

Season 17

Buzzer Beater

Clover the Top

Cawtionary Tale

System of a Clown

Snow and Tell

Joined at the Hippie

Reaper by the Dozen

Ghost of Christmas Presents

Whistle While You Housework

Hail Santa

Sight for Dinosaur Eyes

Taming of the Stew

Wishful Thinking

You Drive Me Crayon

Off the Recorder

Spice Guys Finish Last

The Ipodd Couple

Neither Hair Nor There

It's an Unkind of Magic

More Bang for Your Duck

Age Against the Machine!

Ship on Your Shoulder

Dragon and On and On

Spies Up Your Life

Conflict of Internet

Face Oddity

Season 18

Science Fair and Square

Going Coco-Nuts!

Stiff Upper Lift

Past But Not Least

Hansel and Regretsel

The Shower Must Go On

Closet Encounters

What Goes Pup Must Come Down

All Thumbs

The Cart of War

The Princess and the Fraud

Sweet Genes

Talent Show Off

Live & Let Dine

Meat Fighter

Kicked in the Class

Elvis Impressley

Catch Me If You Cannon

Bathroom for Improvement

A Splice of Life

A Force of Signature

Strife on Mars

Citizen Train

I Spider

Mission Improbable

Season 19

Mind the Cap

Turn That Crown Upside Down

Gingerbready or Not

Wool Me Once...

No Chess for the Wicked

Eat the Parents!

Easter Egg-Cess


Truth or Hair

What's All the Hoopla?

Shake It Till You Make It

Once in a Brew Moon

In the Long Run

Jail Mouse Rock

Between a Sock and a Hard Place

The Big, the Bad and the Piggy

Gum and Gummer

I'm with Cupid

Receding Airline

Don't Give a Dam

Pretty Fly for a Pencil Guy

No Chess for the Wicked

Scary-Go Round


Hair Force One

What a Maroon

Season 20

Three Hikes, You're Out

Bus a Move

Hat Today Gone Tomorrow

No Man's Hand

Do It Yourselfie

Prophet Margins

May the Horse Be with You

Magic Mic

There's Snow Globe Like Home!

An Inconvenient Tooth


Score Loser

Pit of Despair

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Battery Will Get You Everywhere!

X-tracurricular Activities

I Know What You Did Last Number

Good as Gold Fish

Keyboard to Success

Put the Pebble to the Metal

Geese Lightning

Pain in my Bunsen

Sign Language

The Birth of a Crustacean

An Office You Can't Refuse

Season 21

Never Letter Go!

Hangman's Not

Thanks for the Meowmories

Whistle Me This

Tonsils & Regretel

Suit Yourself!

License and Sensibility

Fry So Serious?

A League of Their Gnome

Host Busters

Don't Have a Towel, Man!

Tag Reflex

Pick up the Pastry

Pencilmating Call

Law & Disorder

Better Date Than Never

Full Housemate

Campfired Up

Bad Will Hunting

Canary Canary Quite Contrary


In Lifeguard We Trust

Safety Worst

Soaplessly Devoted

Drawing a Blanket

No Arm Done

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