Ep. 1

Double Troubles (Pilot)

Detective Pecola

Ep. 2

Constellation Pecola

Good Deeds

Ep. 3

Fire Drill Frenzy

Hurricane Pecola

Ep. 4


Mayor Muddle

Ep. 5

Your Wish is my Command

Robbie to the Rescue

Ep. 6

One Lonely Night

Miss Lucky's Bloopers

Ep. 7

Spring Cleaning

Monster Moth

Ep. 8

The Cube Town Tri-Brag-a-Thon

The Wild Ride

Ep. 9

Half Baked

Hide 'N' Go Sleep

Ep. 10

Not Seeing is Disbelieving

Melancholy Pecola

Ep. 11

Pecola's Penguin Special

Bot and Switch

Ep. 12


Operation Papazoni

Ep. 13

High and Dry

Two Brilliant Inventors

Ep. 14

Ode to Pecola

Laundry Quandary

Ep. 15

Cool It!

Yeti or Not

Ep. 16

The Curse of Cube Town

Postman Pecola

Ep. 17

Runway Pecola

Pecola's Island

Ep. 18

The Town Crier

Pecola Grows Horns

Ep. 19

Coco's Concert

Spaceman Pecola

Ep. 20


Lights, Camera, Pecola!

Ep. 21

A Career Day

Power Pecola

Ep. 22

Prince Puggalski

Painting Pecola

Ep. 23

Pecola and the Pirates

Mysterious Pecola

Ep. 24

Gazelle's Goof

Pecola in a Yacht of Trouble

Ep. 25

Yorkshire's Puddin

Pecola's Tunnel Trouble

Ep. 26

Yo! Pecola

Great Cubes of Fire!

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