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Pandalian (or PandaMonium) is a multinational developed animated series, with characters created by the Taiwanese company named TVbean, animation produced by Fuji Creative Corporation and Planet Inc. (called PLANET ENTERTAINMENT Inc. starting 1 September 2005) in Japan with Nelvana in Canada, and Funimation jointly control sales, distribution and merchandising rights outside of Asia. On 5 October 2004, Nelvana announced the production of the series.

The series first broadcast 19 December 2004 on TTV Main Channel. Its first Japanese broadcast started on Animax on 8 January 2005, followed by Tokyo MX TV in April 2005. The series premiered in Canada on YTV on 5 July 2006 and is part of the KidSuite package in 2016.

Between May 2005 and December 2005, Nelvana Limited Completed re-packaging 26 episodes of Pandalian for the North American Market. This included new voice talent, story adaptations and new music underscore and theme.


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