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Season 1

Season 2

Season 1

"Presidential Pac-Nappers"

"Picnic in Pacland"

"The Great Pac-Quake"

"Hocus-Pocus Pac-Man"

"Southpaw Packy"

"Pac-Baby Panic"


"Trick or Chomp"

"Super Ghosts"

"The Pac-Man in the Moon"

"Journey to the Center of Pacland"

"Invasion of the Pac-Pups"

"Sir Chomp-A-Lot"

"The Day the Forest Disappeared"


"Backpackin' Packy"

"The Abominable Pac-Man"

"The Bionic Pac-Woman"

"Chomp-Out at the O.K. Corral"

"Once Upon a Chomp"

"The Pac-Love-Boat"

"The Great Power-Pellet Robbery"

"A Bad Case of the Chomps"

"Goo-Goo at the Zoo"

"Nighty Nightmares"

"The Pac-Mummy"

Season 2

"Here's Super-Pac"

"Hey, Hey, Hey... It's P.J."

"The Super-Pac-Bowl"

"Journey Into the Pac-Past"

"The Old Pac-Man and the Sea"

"Public Pac-Enemy No. 1"

"The Genii of Pacdad"

"Computer Packy"

"The Greatest Show in Pacland"


"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Pac-Man"

"Around the World in 80 Chomps"

"Super-Pac vs. Pac-Ape"

"P.J. Goes Pac-Hollywood"

"Pac Van Winkle"

"Happy Pacs-Giving"

TV Specials

Pac-Man Halloween Special

Christmas Comes to Pac-Land