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November 28, 1973

Outrage is a 1973 made-for-television film that aired on the American Broadcasting Company's (ABC) popular Movie of the Week franchise. The movie, which originally aired on November 28, 1973, tells the story of a suburban neighborhood and family that is repeatedly terrorized by a group of privileged young men from neighboring families. The film is set in an idealized rural suburban community.

The film stars Robert Culp, Marlyn Mason and Beah Richards, and featured Nicholas Hammond, James Sikking, Thomas Leopold, and Mark Lenard. The film was directed Richard T. Heffron, and written by writer William Wood.

The film was originally titled One Angry Man. Turner Classic Movies lists the title of the film as "Outrage!" with the addition of the exclamation point. The movie would later inspire a 1998 TV film remake of the same name with Rob Lowe and Jennifer Grey.

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