May 26, 1988


Prepski Morris is on the ride of his life - How much happiness can one man take? A wild comedic ride thru Prepski Morris' life and his attempts to find the right girl while suffering from the "Peter Pan" or "Casanova Complex" - he doesn't want to grow up and accept his responsibilities as an adult. Charles Solomon is Prepski, who has become the adult Peter Pan, unwilling to choose among the many women who throw themselves at him. Will it be Serina, his first teen girlfriend, or Tommi, the aerobics teacher who demands endless sex, or right wing activist Lucy, whose Mother has some ideas too, or the hippie free spirit Hilary, or Lorna, the lonely heart? And then true love comes along in the perfect girl Gina, or does it? These are the " Seven Beauties" - young women who have a profound effect on shaping his desires- yet each has been an obsessive object of Prepski's affections. This "Charming Comedy" (AFI Fest) of his search for the right girl is really symptomatic of a deeper quest: the search for himself. Fantasy and reality freely mingle and sometimes merge in Prepski's world.

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