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Ep. 0: "Just Before the Start! Let's Review Together!!"

Ep. 1: "I Played the Frog Song"

Ep. 2: "Hotaru Was Really Mature?"

Ep. 3: "We Were Always Like This"

Ep. 4: "I Turned Into Santa to Deliver Tomatoes"

Ep. 5: "I Made Something Incredible"

Ep. 6: "We All Went Camping Together"

Ep. 7: "It Was a Thrilling Autumn"

Ep. 8: "My Senpai Had Entrance Exams Coming Up"

Ep. 9: "We Made Tasty Food"

Ep. 10: "It Got Cold and Then Hot"

Ep. 11: "I Got Drunk and Remembered"

Ep. 12: "The Cherry Blossoms Bloomed Again"