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Season 1

Ep 1.: "The Magic Key"

Ep 2.: "Monkey Business"

Ep 3.: "Mixed Up Magic"

Ep 4.: "Lost and Found"

Ep 5.: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Goblins"

Ep 6.: "The Tooth Fairy"

Ep 7.: "Stop, Listen and Learn"

Ep 8.: "Making Up is Easy to Do"

Ep 9.: "If at First You Don't Succeed..."

Ep 10.: "The Birthday Party"

Ep 11.: "Telling Tails"

Ep 12.: "It's About Time"

Ep 13.: "A Promise is a Promise"

Ep 14.: "To the Rescue"

Ep 15.: "Chills and Spills"

Ep 16.: "The Big Race"

Ep 17.: "A Dog's Best Friend"

Ep 18.: "Hooray For the Kids"

Ep 19.: "The Mystery Box"

Ep 20.: "We All Say Boo!"

Ep 21.: "Try Something New"

Ep 22.: "The Fish Story"

Ep 23.: "The Big Fight"

Ep 24.: "Following Directions"

Ep 25.: "Mixed Up Masks"

Ep 26.: "Truman, Come Home"

Ep 27.: "Something's Lost, Something's Found"

Ep 28.: "The Magic Show"

Ep 29.: "The Big Mess"

Ep 30.: "Recipe for Learning"

Ep 31.: "Recycle and Reuse It"

Ep 32.: "Telling the Whole Truth"

Ep 33.: "Secret Valentines"

Ep 34.: "Sing Yourself to Sleep"

Ep 35.: "Treasure Hunt"

Ep 36.: "Jack Frost is Coming to Town"

Ep 37.: "The Trouble With Truman"

Ep 38.: "Let's Go Fly a Kite"

Ep 39.: "Think Big"

Ep 40.: "Noah's Leaving"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "Little Swap of Horrors"

Ep 2.: "Dance to Your Own Music"

Ep 3.: "Ask Permission"

Ep 4.: "Take a Stand"

Ep 5.: "The Sandman Cometh"

Ep 6.: "Noah's Treasure"

Ep 7.: "Be True to Who You Are"

Ep 8.: "All Play and No Work"

Ep 9.: "April Fools"

Ep 10.: "Lights, Camera, Chaos"

Ep 11.: "How Rude"

Ep 12.: "Part of the Family"

Ep 13.: "Big Bullies"

Ep 14.: "Paying Attention to Kate"

Ep 15.: "Skunked"

Ep 16.: "Thunder and Lightning"

Ep 17.: "Going Bananas"

Ep 18.: "Slugger"

Ep 19.: "Find Your Own Song"

Ep 20.: "The Big Showdown"

Ep 21.: "Growing Lies"

Ep 22.: "The Human Touch"

Ep 23.: "Be Patient"

Ep 24.: "Kate Loves a Parade"

Ep 25.: "Closing Up Shop"


1.: "Anything Can Happen at Christmas"

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