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Season 1

Ep. 1

"Noddy Loses Sixpence"

"Noddy Loses Some Money"

Ep. 2: "Noddy and the Goblins"

Ep. 3

"Noddy and the Naughty Tail"

"Noddy Gets It Right"

Ep. 4

"Noddy and the Pouring Rain"

"Noddy's Rainy Day"

Ep. 5

"Noddy and Martha Monkey"

"Noddy's Car Problem"

Ep. 6: "Noddy and the Kite"

Ep. 7

"Noddy's New Friend"

"Noddy Makes a New Friend"

Ep. 8: "Noddy and His Bell"

Ep. 9

"Noddy and the Milkman"

"Noddy the Milkman"

Ep. 10: "Noddy Gets a New Job"

Ep. 11: "Noddy and the Broken Bicycle"

Ep. 12: "Noddy and the Special Key"

Ep. 13

"Noddy Delivers Some Parcels"

"Noddy Gives a Birthday Party"

Season 2

Ep. 1

"Noddy and the Missing Hats"

"Noddy Listens and Learns"

Ep. 2: "Noddy and the Useful Rope"

Ep. 3: "Noddy Loses His Bell"

Ep. 4: "Noddy Cheers Up Big Ears"

Ep. 5: "Noddy Goes Shopping"

Ep. 6: "Noddy Borrows an Umbrella"

Ep. 7: "Noddy Meets Some Silly Hens"

Ep. 8: "Noddy Lends a Hand"

Ep. 9

"Noddy Finds a Furry Tail"

"Noddy Gets Blamed"

Ep. 10: "Noddy Sets a Trap"

Ep. 11: "Noddy and the Magic Night"

Ep. 12: "Noddy to the Rescue"

Ep. 13: "Noddy Has a Bad Day"

Season 3

Ep. 1: "Noddy and the Fishing Rod"

Ep. 2: "Noddy and the Warm Scarf"

Ep. 3: "Noddy the Champion"

Ep. 4: "Noddy and the Golden Tree"

Ep. 5: "Noddy and His Unhappy Car"

Ep. 6: "Noddy Has an Afternoon Off"

Ep. 7: "Noddy the Magician"

Ep. 8: "Noddy and His Money"

Ep. 9

"Noddy Borrows Some Trousers"

"Noddy Gets in a Mess

Ep. 10: "Noddy and His Alarm Clock"

Ep. 11: "Noddy Buys a Parasol"

Ep. 12: "Noddy Tastes Some Cake"

Ep. 13: "Noddy the Dancer"

Season 4

Ep. 1: "Noddy and the Magic Watch"

Ep. 2: "Noddy and the Goblins"

Ep. 3: "Noddy and the Treasure Map"

Ep. 4: "Noddy and the Singing Bush"

Ep. 5: "Noddy Gets Caught in a Storm"

Ep. 6: "Noddy and the Noisy Drum"

Ep. 7: "Noddy Tidies Toyland"

Ep. 8: "Noddy and the Bouncing Ball"

Ep. 9: "Noddy is Far Too Busy"

Ep. 10: "Noddy Tells a Story"

Ep. 11: "Noddy and the Artists"

Ep. 12: "Noddy the Nurse"

Ep. 13: "Noddy and the Driving Lesson"

"Noddy and Father Christmas"