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Noah: A Kanon Story is a spin-off of Kanon featuring a new character introduced to the series "Noah Mokinawa". The series is made by Kyoto Animation.


A female student name Noah Mokinawa moves to town, and meets Makoto Sawatari who she remembers from middle school. But Makoto doesn't remember (due to her memory loss), and thinks Noah is an idiot for thinking that she would ever be with her a long time ago (but wouldn't be on a grudge against her unlike with Yuichi Aizawa). Throughout the series, they two would become friends again, with Makoto slowly getting back her memories of Noah in her middle school years.

Noah also has relationships with Yuichi's friends too, most notably with Mai Kawasumi. As Noah gets attacked by the demons, which Mai saves her from during the night she enters the school.

Another part of the story revolves around Mimi Mokinawa who has relationships Ayu Tsukimiya and Shiori Misaka.

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