Season 1

"The Promise"


"Two of a Kind"

"The Visit"


"Borrowing and Lending"



"Hot Springs"




"After School"


"Three Keys"


"Temple Festival"

"At the Beach"

"The Play"


"Loss" / "Shrine Maiden"

"Work" / "Change"

Season 2

"From Now On" / "Please Notice"

"Fate" / "Showdown"



"Teach Me" / "Master Raku"


"Little Sister"

"Magical Pâtissière Kosaki" / "Work"

"Cleanup Day" / "Visiting the Sick"


"I Want to Lose Weight" / "Good Morning"

"The Search" / "Just Testing"

"Bath House" / "Service"

"Honeymoon" / "Magical Pâtissière Kosaki-chan!"

What Episodes Are These Shots From?

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