Soundeffects Wiki


Ep. 1

"Ned's Life as a Dog"

"A Doll's House"

Ep. 2

"Robot Ned"

"Dapper Dan"

Ep. 3

"Monster Ned"


Ep. 4

"Magic Bus"

"Until Undeath Do Us Part"

Ep. 5

"Headless Lester"

"My, How You've Grown"

Ep. 6

"Tooth or Consequences"

"Show Me the Infidel"

Ep. 7

"Willie Trout"

"House of Games"

Ep. 8

"Girl Trouble"

"Canadian Bacon"

Ep. 9


"Bad Report Card"

Ep. 10

"Testing... Testing..."

"The Accordion Lesson"

Ep. 11

"Along for the Ride"

"Steamed Vegetables"

Ep. 12

"Lucky Abe (One Cent Ned)"

"The Dentist"

"The Ballad of Vernon & Conrad"