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The Advent Calendar is a seasonal feature of the Neopets website launched in December of 2000. This feature of the site plays a different festive Flash-based animation every day in December up to New Year's Eve, and gives out different prizes daily.

Starting in 2004, every animation had sound.

Starting in 2012, bonus prizes were added as a feature. To get the bonus prize, before claiming the daily advent prize, the user must find a hidden snowflake, Petpet, or candy cane, and click on it.

In 2017, the Flash-based animations were swapped out with MP4 video files. To claim the bonus prize then, the user could simply click anywhere in the video area.

Sound Effects Used

The sound effects are mostly Hanna-Barbers, but some Series 1000/2000/4000/6000, Warner Bros., Sports Music & Elements, Cartoon Trax, and Premiere Edition Volume 1 effects are also used. Some rare Hanna-Barbera and Valentino effects are included in the mix, too.

Note: Even though the Advent Calendar started in 2000, there were no sound effects until December 31, 2001.

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