Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

"Playback Part 2"

"Girl A"

"Wanting to Protect"

"Full of Memories"

"Secret Flower Garden"

"Falling In Love"

"An Outsider's Relation"

"Suit Yourself"

"Hero - Now's the Time for You to Become a Hero!"


"The World Exist For the Sake of Two"

"Entrust Yourself to the Flow of Time"

"Playback Part 1"

Season 2

"Summer Vacation"


"The Time Traveling Girl"

"Light Blue Rain"

"Can't Stop the Romance"

"Jagged Heart Lullaby"


"Computer Granny"

"Lonely Tropical Fish"

"Showa Blues"

"High School Lullaby"


"You guys are Kiwi, Papaya, and Mango"