Season 1

"The Monstro-Crane of Doom"

"The Army of Sea Dudes"

"School Trip To Aquaworld!"

"Space Command, We Have a Goldfish"

"Show & Tell"

"Sweetheart's Dance"

"The Ice Roaches Cometh"

"Sewer Adventure"

"Goldfish Teriyaki"



"Forgetful Fish"

"Icing on the Cake!"

Season 2

"Secret Terractor"

"Lights, Camera, Goldfish"


"The Great Outdoors"

"A Schoolplay Named Disaster"

"Grade A Goldfish"

"Scoop Gets Scooped"



"Fishy-Pox Pandemonium"

"Creature From The Black Fishbowl"

"20,000 Leagues Under The Fishbowl"

"Jetstream Adventure"

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