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September 8, 1973 – December 22, 1973

My Favorite Martians An animated series was made by Filmation and was broadcast as part of the Saturday morning programming on CBS from September 8, 1973 to December 22, 1973 for a total of sixteen episodes. The series features Tim, Martin, Mrs. Brown and Detective Brennan (Brennan is considerably different). To appeal to a younger audience, Uncle Martin is joined by his Martian nephew named Andromeda, nicknamed "Andy", who only has one antenna and thus lesser powers than Uncle Martin and did appear in one episode of the television series. The pair also have a Martian pet named Okey, a sort of bouncing sheepdog with antennae. Tim also had a niece of his own, named Katy, living with them. None of the characters were voiced by the original actors; Bixby was at the time committed to his latest project, The Magician, and Walston tried to distance himself from the role. As a result, Jonathan Harris voiced Martin and Jane Webb voiced Mrs. Brown.


The O’Haras protected the crash-landed aliens' identity by pretending that they were Katy’s Uncle Martin and his nephew Andy. The sudden influx of "distant" relatives living with Tim and Katy sparked suspicion with neighboring Detective Bill Brennan and his son Brad, who routinely tried to uncover the truth about their mysterious neighbors. Another holdover from the sitcom was Lorelei Brown, Tim’s dizzy landlady, who had a crush on Uncle Martin.

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