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"They Are Among US"

"Pinkbeard's Treasure"

"A Mountaineer Like No Other"

"Wallpapering Magoo"

"Lend Me Your Earpiece"

"Honey Bear"

"Halloween Hold-Up"

"Firefighter for a Day"

"Legs of Steel"

"Hats Off Magoo"

"Mistaken Identity"

"A Recipe for Success"


"The Last Groundhog"

"Hamster Fishing"

"Nice Little Doggy"

"Home Havoc"

"Whiter than White"

"Fizz Tower"


"Doctor Magoo"

"Space Hamster"


"Magoo in Shining Armor"

"Baby Steps"

"Ghost Hunt"

"Toes in the Sand"

"Santa's Little Helper"

"Mega Magoo vs. Dr. Fizz"

"At the Heart of the Crater"

"Dusk of the Cucumber"

"Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop"

"Lost in the Subway"

"Dinosaur Island"

"Saving the Gnomes of Astroturf"

"Golden Fizz"

"Dances with Walruses"

"Love thy Neighbour"

"Not Without My Hamster"

"The Curse of the Pyramid"

"The Bodyguard"

"Concrete Jungle"

"Deep Sea Diving"

"Magoo the Sorcerer"

"Magoo A Wrinkle in Time"

"The Nanogamba Tribe"

"Mountain Rescue"

"The Great Outdoors"

"Shaaaaark !"

"Kung Fizz"

"Air Magoo"

"The Prophecy of the Goldensand's Dragon"

"AeroFizz !"

"Hornets Attack !"

"Star Man"

"The Last Oak Tree Standing"

"Super Duper Sale"

"Chill Out"

"Sweet Dreams Mr. Cat"

"Man of Steel"

"Fizz FM"

"Magoo 2.0"

"Vanilla Strawberry Meltdown"

"Mr Fixit"



"The Gluttons for Punishment"

"Welcome to Translovenia"

"Maggie Magoo"