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April 4, 1969 – December 25, 1970

Mōretsu Atarō (もーれつア太郎, Extraordinary Atarō) is a comedy gag anime based on the manga series created by Fujio Akatsuka.

Air Date

April 4, 1969 – December 25, 1970


The plot revolves around a young edokko named Atarō who lives with his father X-gorō (read as Batsu-gorō) in downtown Tokyo running the family store. After his father's sudden death, Atarō must take care of the store himself and, along with the help of his father's ghost, his friend Dekoppachi, former yakuza leader Butamatsu, and a nutty alley cat named Nyarome, he protects it from the tanuki-faced gang leader Kokoro Boss.

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