Season 1

Ep. 1: "The Beginning is Now!/In the Beginning"

Ep. 2: "I'm Mocchi!"

Ep. 3: "The Monster's Forest/Guardian of the Disks"

Ep. 4: "Eternal Worm"

Ep. 5: "Rygar of the Wind/Tiger of the Wind"

Ep. 6: "I am Ham/Hare's Trick"

Ep. 7: "Courage of the Seven/The Courageous Seven"

Ep. 8: "After the Rain"

Ep. 9: "Fly! Iron Bird/The Iron Bird"

Ep. 10: "The Ruins' Secret"

Ep. 11: "Pixie's Defeat"

Ep. 12: "Monol's Story"

Ep. 13: "Moo Revealed"

Ep. 14: "Holly's Rescue"

Ep. 15: "A New Departure"

Ep. 16: "Great Battle at Sea"

Ep. 17: "Underground Adventure"

Ep. 18: "Our Friend Henger Forever"

Ep. 19: "Suezo's Secret Weapon"

Ep. 20: "My Name is Pixie"

Ep. 21: "The Mocchi Cannon"

Ep. 22: "Run, Tiger, Run!"

Ep. 23: "Don't Give Up, Ducken!"

Ep. 24: "Undine's Lake"

Ep. 25: "Warriors of the Ruins"

Ep. 26: "Melcarba"

Season 2

Ep. 27: "Tiger's Battle With Destiny"

Ep. 28: "Color Pandora, Guardian of the Forest"

Ep. 29: "Farewell, my Friend"

Ep. 30: "Baby Bossy"

Ep. 31: "Amusement Park Ruins"

Ep. 32: "Holly's Million Gold Smile"

Ep. 33: "Battle in the Meadow"

Ep. 34: "The Town That Disappeared"

Ep. 35: "Battle With the Big Bad Four"

Ep. 36: "Eve's Night"

Ep. 37: "Holly's Happy Birthday"

Ep. 38: "Evil General Durahan's Challenge"

Ep. 39: "Goodbye, Baku"

Ep. 40: "The Secret of Holly's Magic Stone"

Ep. 41: "Tiger Meets His Match"

Ep. 42: "The Warriors From Outer Space"

Ep. 43: "The Sand Assassin, Renocraft"

Ep. 44: "Magic Stone Mayhem"

Ep. 45: "The End of Durahan"

Ep. 46: "Jill's Icy Secret"

Ep. 47: "Tears"

Ep. 48: "Blue Skies"

Season 3

Ep. 49: "Return to Monster Rancher"

Ep. 50: "In Quest of the Legend Cup"

Ep. 51: "Battle for the Rookie Cup"

Ep. 52: "Saved by a Hare"

Ep. 53: "The Powerful Wondar Brothers"

Ep. 54: "Tiger and the Mandy Cup Challenge"

Ep. 55: "Disappearing Hare Line"

Ep. 56: "Lost At Sea: Disappearance of the Mystery Disk"

Ep. 57: "Furred Suezo's M-1 Grand Prix Hero"

Ep. 58: "All's Fare in Love and Taxis"

Ep. 59: "Allan's Advice"

Ep. 60: "Winner's Cup: The Fickle Finger of Fate"

Ep. 61: "Pink Jam to the Rescue"

Ep. 62: "Ghost Encounters of the Pirate Kind"

Ep. 63: "The World Monster Cup: Naga Returns"

Ep. 64: "Legend of the Great White Most"

Ep. 65: "Shogun the Mighty"

Ep. 66: "Brothers, in the Greatest Four"

Ep. 67: "Golem's Cook-Off"

Ep. 68: "Battling Granity"

Ep. 69: "Mum Mew Risks it All"

Ep. 70: "Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Poritoka"

Ep. 71: "Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Most"

Ep. 72: "Reunion"

Ep. 73: "The Final Battle"

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