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Monster Mash is a 1999 Italian-American direct-to-video animated musical comedy horror film based on the stories of Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and Count Dracula.


Drac, Frank, and Wolf were the scariest monsters around until they became associated with fun. They end up summoned by the Superior Court of Horrors where the judge orders them to prove that they are still scary by the end of 24 hours or they will be sentenced to an eternity entertaining at children's parties. Drac, Frank, and Wolf are assigned to scare the Tinklemeister family. The Tinklemeisters soon ends up assisting Drac, Frank, and Wolf into proving that they are still scary even when the Grim Reaper Prosecutor sends three new monsters consisting of Freddie de Spaghetti: King of Carbohydrates (a humanoid spaghetti monster based on Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees), Chicky: The Doll of Destruction (a wind-up toy based on Chucky), and the Alien Eater from Alien to make sure that they fail.

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