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Season 1

Ep. 1: "Coconapple"

Ep. 2: "Hot Lava Shower"

Ep. 3: "Cookironi"

Ep. 4: "Electrock"

Ep. 5: "Nixels"

Ep. 6: "Murp"

Ep. 7: "Pothole"

Ep. 8: "Mailman"

Ep. 9: "Another Nixel"

Ep. 10: "Changing a Light Bulb"

Ep. 11: "Rockball"

Ep. 12: "Wrong Colors"

Ep. 13: "Mix Over"

Ep. 14: "Bar B Cubes"

Ep. 15: "Snow Half Pipe"

Ep. 16: "Hamlogna Conveyorbelt"

Ep. 17: "Vaudeville Fun"

Ep. 18: "Fang Gang Log Toss"

Ep. 19: "High Five"

Ep. 20: "Elevator"

Ep. 21-22: "Mixed Up Special"

"The Biggest and Most Epic Mixels Minisode Ever"

"Murp Romp"

Season 2

Ep. 1-6: "Moon Madness"

"Only You Can Prevent Forest Freezes, Only You!"

"Houston, We Have a Problem!"

"Crater Tots!"

"Things That Go Murp in the Night!"

"Don't Pull the Gravity Plug!"

"Tall Tales from Da Moon!"

Ep. 7: "Quest for the Mixamajig"

Ep. 8: "Every Knight Has Its Day"

Ep. 9: "Nixel Nixel Go Away"

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