Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

"The Marui Family! The Good, the Bad, and the Fearsome!"

"These Three Girls Are Unstoppable"

"So Many Sinners"

"Boobies, White Panties, and Me"

"Bra! Bra! Pig!"

"Hats and Underwear Go on your Head!?"

"You Can't Help what you Love!?"


"Santa Claus is my Eccentricity"

"We're gonna be xxxxxxx"

"Things get weird in 5 seconds"

"I Can't Reach You"

"A Day at the Marui House"

"Lots of Breasts, Mama's Alright"

Season 2

"Serious Sentai Gachiranger - Episode 21 - The Targeted Children! Countdown to Japan's Doom!"

"The Marui House is Full!"

"At the Height of your Perversion"

"Beautiful Trauma"

"The Silent Classroom"

"If the Bathroom's Locked, Use the Snow"

"Moe Thirty?"

"These Three Girls Will Keep Going On and On"