Soundeffects Wiki


Season 1

"Juck Picture"

"Stone Footprint"

"Mini Twig Tree"

"Hole Punch Patterns"

"Shell Picture"

"Pressed Clay Picture"

"Blow Pictures"

"Ancient Buried Treasure"

"Wooly Picture"

"Cobweb Picture"

"Printing With Hands"

"Gloopy Glue Patterns"

"Splat Picture"

"Snowflake Patterns"

"Springing Picture"

"Torn Paper Road"

"Splat Monsters"

"Modelling Clay Picture"

"Cardboard Cactus"

"Invisible Picture"

Season 2

"Tennis Ball Picture"

"Fun With Bubbles"

"Ancient Picture"

"Splattered Space Picture"

"Surprising Picture"

"Egg Shell Mosaic"

"Torn Paper Picture"

"Leaf Prints"

"Paper Plate Pictures"

"Drip Picture"

"Bubble Wrap Picture"

"Tissue Paper Printing"

"Torn Paper Patterns"

"Cotton Bud Picture"

"Sliding Eyes Picture"

"Pop-up Card"

"Sponge Art"

"Plastic & Tissue Paper Art"

"Stretchy Lorry"

"Scrunched Up Picture"

Season 3

"Spray Paint Picture"

"Cotton Wool Breackfast"

"Cereal Box Street"

"Pirate Dress Up"

"Wooly Pictures"

"Sand Painting"

"Funny Monster Faces"

"Peeping Lid Picture"

"Prickly Picture"

"Stencil Art"

"Woolly Pictures"

"Burst Paper Picture"

"Patchwork Pattern"

"Wrapping Paper Pictures"

"Porthole Pictures"

"Splatter Stencils"

"Parachute Mobile"

"Polystyrene Plate Picture"

"Woolly Winding Art"

"Snipped Pictures"