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August 28, 1993 - November 27, 1995
January 2, 2010 (Re-version) – August 28, 2010 (Re-version)


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a 1993 American TV series that was based off of Japan's Super Sentai. It told the story of a space wizard named Zordon selecting five teenagers from the city of Angel Grove to become the next generation of the noble Power Rangers, in order to defend Earth from the threats of sorceress Rita Repulsa, the cunning Master Vile, and the Emperor of Evil: Lord Zedd.

The show is remembered for its heavy usage of Hanna-Barbera sound effects, especially the cartoony ones. They would often be used on the bully characters, Bulk and Skull, but would occasionally also be used on the villains and even the Rangers themselves sometimes.

The show would spark numerous spinoffs, which are still occurring to this day.

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