Season 1

"A Bellwether in One's Cap"

"The Brain Suckers Cometh!"

"Snakes & Laddies"

"Day of the Cyclops"

"Let Sleeping Dragons Lie!"

"Rumble in the Jungle"

"The Mother of All Adventures"

"Norman's Conquest"

"Less Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under the Sea"

"Bring Me the Head of Mighty Max"

"Werewolves of Dunneglen"

"Out in the Cold"

"The Maxnificent Seven"

Season 2

"Pandora's Box, part 1"

"Pandora's Box, part 2"

"Blood of the Dragon"

"The Missing Linked"

"Year of the Rat"

"The Cyberskull Virus"

"Zygote's Rhythm"

"Along Came Arachnoid"

"The Axeman Cometh"


"Souls of Talon"

"Tar Wars"

"Clown Without Pity"

"Max vs. Max"

"Cyberskull II: The Next Level"

"Fuath and Beggora"

"Dawn of the Conqueror"

"Scorpio Rising"

"Zygote Music"

"Good Golly Ms. Kali"

"Around the World in Eighty Arms"

"Fly by Night"

"The Mommy's Hand"

"I, Warmonger"

"Sirius Trouble"

"Armageddon Closer"

"Armageddon Outta Here"

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