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Windows ME (or Windows Millenium Edition) was a graphical operating system from Microsoft released to manufacturing in June 2000, and launched in September 2000. It was the last operating system released in the Windows 9x series.

Windows ME was the successor to Windows 98 and was targeted specifically at home PC users. It included Internet Explorer 5.5, Windows Media Player 7, and the new Windows Movie Maker software, which provided basic video editing and was designed to be easy to use for home users. Microsoft also updated the graphical user interface, shell features, and Windows Explorer in Windows ME with some of those first introduced in Windows 2000, which had been released as a business-oriented operating system seven months earlier. Windows ME could be upgraded to Internet Explorer 6 SP1 (but not to SP2 (SV1) or Internet Explorer 7), Outlook Express 6 SP1 and Windows Media Player 9 Series. Microsoft .NET Framework up to and including version 2.0 is supported; however, versions 2.0 SP1, 3.x, and greater are not. Office XP was the last version of Microsoft Office to be compatible with Windows ME.

Windows ME is a continuation of the Windows 9x model, but with restricted access to real mode MS-DOS in order to decrease system boot time.

This operating system was often criticized for being buggy, slow and unstable, but however, It begins to be faster and better as it speeds up. Windows ME, along with Windows 2000, was soon replaced by the NT-based Windows XP, which was launched in late 2001.

Most of its desktop themes were reused from Microsoft Plus! 95 and built-in.

Support for this operating system was discontinued on July 11th, 2006, along with Windows 98. Even though, It can be simulated in Virtualization softwares.

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