Season 1


"Red Dress"

"Home Alone 4"


"Malcolm Babysits"


"Francis Escapes"

"Krelboyne Picnic"

"Lois vs. Evil"

"Stock Car Races"




"The Bots and the Bees"


"Water Park (Part 1)"

Season 2

"Traffic Jam (Part 2)"

"Halloween Approximately"

"Lois's Birthday"

"Dinner Out"





"High School Play"

"The Bully"

"Old Mrs. Old"

"Krelboyne Girl"

"New Neighbors"

"Hal Quits"

"The Grandparents"

"Traffic Ticket"


"Reese Cooks"

"Tutoring Reese"


"Malcolm vs. Reese"





Season 3



"Book Club"

"Malcolm's Girlfriend"


"Health Scare"



"Reese's Job"

"Lois' Makeover"

"Company Picnic Pt. 1"

"Company Picnic Pt. 2"

"Reese Drives"

"Cynthia's Back"

"Hal's Birthday"

"Hal Coaches"

"Dewey's Dog"

"Poker #2"

"Clip Show"

"Jury Duty"



Season 4



"Family Reunion"

"Stupid Girl"

"Forwards Backwards"

"Forbidden Girlfriend"

"Malcolm Holds His Tongue"

"Boys at Ranch"

"Grandma Sues"

"If Boys Were Girls"

"Long Drive"

"Kicked Out"

"Stereo Store"

"Hal's Friend"

"Garage Sale"

"Academic Octathalon"

"Clip Show 2"

"Reese's Party"

"Future Malcolm"

"Baby: Part 1"

"Baby: Part 2"

"Day Care"

Season 5


"Watching the Baby"

"Goodbye Kitty"


"Malcolm Films Reese"

"Malcolm's Job"

"Christmas Trees"

"Block Party"

"Dirty Magazine"

"Hot Tub"

"Ida's Boyfriend"


"Lois' Sister"

"Malcolm Dates a Family"

"Reese's Apartment"

"Malcolm Visits College"

"Polly in the Middle"

"Dewey's Special Class"


"Victor's Other Family"

"Reese Joins the Army: Part 1"

"Reese Joins the Army: Part 2"

Season 6

"Reese Comes Home: Part 3"

"Buseys Run Away"


"Pearl Harbor"

"Kitty's Back"

"Hal's Christmas Gift"

"Hal Sleepwalks"

"Lois Battles Jamie"

"Malcolm's Car"


"Dewey's Opera"

"Living Will"

"Tiki Lounge"

"Ida Loses a Leg"

"Chad's Sleepover"

"No Motorcycles"


"Ida's Dance"

"Motivational Speaker"


"Buseys Take a Hostage"

"Mrs. Tri-County"

Season 7

"Burning Man"

"Health Insurance"

"Reese vs. Stevie"


"Jessica Stays Over"

"Secret Boyfriend"


"Army Buddy"

"Malcolm Defends Reese"

"Malcolm's Money"

"Bride of Ida"

"College Recruiters"


"Hal Grieves"


"Lois Strikes Back"

"Hal's Dentist"

"Bomb Shelter"

"Stevie in the Hospital"

"Cattle Court"



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