"I'll Follow You"

"We Leave a Magic Club"

"Magic Is So Easy, Isn't It?"

"I Wish You... Wh... What?"

"I See We Are the Same"

"Well, Believe Yourself"


"Sae, the Magic Club, and the Cherry Blossom Tree"

"Nanaka, a Cake, and the Dangerous Evening"

"Aburatsubo, Morning Face, and the Parent Teacher Meetings"

"Sae, The Bathroom, and the Door"

"Akane, the Hiccups, and a Strange Relationship"

"Takakura, Origami, and the Secret Date"

"Sae, a Tomato, and the Dance of the Paint Brush"

"Alice, Railroad Tracks, and the Cracker"

"Kimonos, Short Shorts, and the Age of Joy"

"Snow, the Colt, and a First Kiss"

"Akane, the Mirror, and the End of the Year Sale"

"The Kite, the Whirlwind, and Micky"

"Sae's Magic, Sae's Feelings, Forever"

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