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Season 1

"The Beginning Of Things"

"A Whale Of Discovery"

"Pinkey's Mysterious Island"

"Definitely Danger"

"The Queen Of Night"

"Bottom Of The Ocean Blues"

"Sea of Surprises"

"Sparks In The Dark"

"Eel Appeal"

"Friendship Is A Circle"

"The Chase Is On"

"Foe Or Friend?"

"A Treasure Beyond Price"

Season 2

"Captain Jellybean's Treasure Hunt"

"The Black Cat Disappears"

"Things That Go Bump"

"A Grouper's Tooth"

"The Lost Cloud"

"The Guest"

"Scarecrow's Birthday Surprise"

"Scarecrow's New Best Friend"

"Mumfie and the Wellwisher"

"Napoleon Moves In"

"Days Without Night"

"If The Hat Fits"

"The Bird House"

"Making A Stand"

"Bristle's Holiday"

"Bring The Mountain To Whale"

"The Whole Tooth"

"A Fishy Tale"

"A Day At The Seaside"

"The Perils Of Pearl"

"A Foggy Day"

"Reindeers Keep Dropping On My Head"

"When You Wish Upon A Tree"

"An Age Old Problem"

"Davy Jones' Story"

"Let's Go Fly A Kite"

"As Pretty As A Picture"

Season 3

"The Goose and I"

"Fifi Takes A Vacation"

"Mind Over Manners"

"Bristle's Blues"

"Case Of The Missing Sand"

"Regining Cats And Dogs"

"Pinkey's First Winter"

"Friends Come First"

"Pinkey's Garden"

"If Wishes Were Pancakes"

"Mumfie Can’t Say No"

"Luck Or No Luck"

"All Work and No Play"

"Up, Up and Away"

"A Royal Mis-understanding"

"Cabin Fever"

"Mumfie's Lost Button"

"Isle of Lost Things"

"Abominable Pinkey"

"The Sock Snatchers"

"Small For A Day"

"Sunrise, Sunset"

"The Album"

"Time Waits For No Mumfie"

"Upside Down Magic"

"The Star Attraction"

"The Starduster"

"Orders Are Orders"

"Jingle Bell"

"It Won’t Be Alright On The Night"


"Once And Future Mumfie"

"Pop Goes The Weasel"

"The Amazing Scarecrow"

"French Lessons"

"Aiming For The Moon"

"The Music Of Spring"

"Lighter Than Air"

"Flying Fever"


"Mumfie's White Christmas"

"Mumfie's Quest: The Movie"