October 14, 1995 – May 16, 2009 (Original)
July 26, 2016 – September 27, 2016 (Revival)

Mad TV is a American sketch comedy produced by Telepictures and Warner Bros. Television.


Late night sketch-comedy show based on the humor of MAD magazine. Material includes impersonations, fake commercials, mock movie trailers, and even Spy vs. Spy segments. Competes against Saturday Night Live in it's time slot, but aimed at a younger adult audience.

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MADtv Season 1 Intro (1995-1996)
Madtv Season 3 Opening
Madtv Season 4 Opening
Madtv Season 5 Opening
MADtv Season 6 Intro (2000-2001)
Madtv Season 7 Opening
MADTV Season 8 Opening Credits
MADtv season 9 Opening credits
MADtv Season 10 Opening
Madtv - Season 11 Opening
MADTV Season 12 Opening Credits
MadTv Season 13 Opening Credits
Madtv - Season 14 Opening
MADTv Opening Credits Season 15 Episode 1

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