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Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters is a 1972 traditional animated comedy film produced by Rankin/Bass Productions. in the United States and animated overseas by Mushi Production in Japan. The special aired on September 23, 1972 as part of The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie. It is a "prequel of sorts" to the 1967 stop motion animated film Mad Monster Party?.


After Baron Henry von Frankenstein creates a Bride for his Monster, he decides to make arrangements for a lavish wedding at the Transylvania Astoria Hotel on Friday the 13th while having the hotel manager Harold write down the required foods. Many monsters are invited to the wedding, including Count Dracula and his son Boobula, Ron Chanley the Werewolf, the Mummy, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Claude the Invisible Man and his equally-invisible family, and the Creature when Harold's mailman brother Harvey delivers the invites. Once the wedding guests arrive, they terrify the guests and staff. Frankenstein's assistant Igor is jealous of the Monster and wants the Bride for his own. So Igor plots to steal her, which does not go at all according to plan when the Bride ends up snatched up by a pterosaur and lands in the clutches of a giant gorilla named Modzoola.

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