Soundeffects Wiki

Ep. 1

Dream Tag Tournament Volume

Challenge! Volume of Three Barriers

Ep. 2

Kinniku Man Great Appearance Volume

Rampage! Hell Combi Volume

Ep. 3

Awesome four-dimensional trap volume

Danger! Kinniku Man Great Volume

Ep. 4

Amazing Mass Lucking Volume

Dread! Perfect Chojin Volume

Ep. 5

Blood-blowing hell screwdriver

Volume of the leader (Don) appeared!

Ep. 6

Big the Martial Arts Volume

Rough Technique! Robin Special Volume

Ep. 7

Volume of peeled mask

Counterattack! Robin Mask Volume

Ep. 8

Birth of New Terryman

Eat! Tatsumaki Jigoku no Maki

Ep. 9

Curse Roller Operation Volume

Hell sand dumpling roll

Ep. 10

Terryman Revived Volume

Bloodthirsty Devil Combi Volume

Ep. 11

Hell's Crossline Explosion Volume

Kinniku Man Great Identity Volume

Ep. 12

Semi-final begins! Volume

Lumberjack Deathmatch Volume

Ep. 13

Terryman's Volume of Anguish

Kinniku Man Great Revival Volume

Ep. 14

Sunshine Magnum Volume

Secret! Volume of raccoon dog sleeping killing method

Ep. 15

Makai Prince Volume

Terrifying Ashura Fireball Volume

Ep. 16

Roll of torn or cursed rollers

Akuma Shogun Revives !? Volume

Ep. 17

Burning Devil Spirits Volume

Ashlaman crying! Volume

Ep. 18

Friendship Combination Volume

The last volume of sunshine

Ep. 19

Cruel! Wire fence match winding

Danger! Mongolian Man Volume

Ep. 20

Revived long horn volume

Collapse! Mountain Ring Volume

Ep. 21

Pyramid Ring Appears! Volume

Jump out into the air in Hokkaido!

Ep. 22

Pyramid Ring Mystery Volume

Deadly! Thunder Saber Volume

Ep. 23

Buffaloman Friendship Volume

Geomagnetic Storm Cross Bomber Volume

Ep. 24

Ramenman does not die! Volume

The robbed Kinnikuman's arm roll

Ep. 25

Friendship Longhorn Volume

Final! Sword Deathmatch Volume

Ep. 26

Unlimited three-game volume

Fireplace Brain Play Volume

Ep. 27

Mask hunting, 30 seconds remaining

Explosion! Magnetic Crash Volume

Ep. 28

First defeat! Volume

Ashlaman's Friendship Volume

Ep. 29

Resurrection! Volume of The Machine Guns

Mask the End Volume

Ep. 30

I saw! Kinnikuman's real face volume

Neptune King Appearance Volume

Ep. 31

Comb stab! Terryman volume

Volume of friendship power that calls for miracles

Ep. 32

Winding of uneven parallel bars in a fire place

Apollon Window Mystery Volume

Ep. 33

Volume to lock the front and back burial mounds

Shining Trophy! Volume